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Michael Burl, David Thompson, Charles deGranville, Benjamin Bornstein. Rockster: Onboard Rock Segmentation Through Edge Regrouping. Journal of Aerospace Information Systems (JAIS), 2016. (Link to PDF) (CL#16-0091) Publisher: AIAA, (2016/03/31)

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Michael Burl, Russell Knight, Anthony Barrett. Visual Intelligence: Toward Machine Understanding of Video Content. Int. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), 2015. (Link to PDF) (CL#16-2033) (2015/07/28)

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Tara Estlin, Benjamin Bornstein, Daniel Gaines, Robert C. Anderson, David Thompson, Michael Burl, Rebecca Castano, and Michele Judd. AEGIS Automated Targeting for the MER Opportunity Rover. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 3(3), 2012. (Link to PDF) (CL#11-4072)

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Michael C. Burl, Michael J. Garay, Clare Averill, Benjamin Bornstein, Lukas Mandrake, Yi Wang, Justin Ng. Generation of Object-Centric Datasets with Adaptive Sky. Earth Science Technology Conference 2008 Proceedings. Download PDF (CL)

M.C. Burl, M.J. Garay, C. Averill, B.J. Bornstein, L. Mandrake, Justin Ng, Yi Wang. Adaptive sky sensor web: novel multi-instrument, multi-satellite observations of volcanic ash. 4th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 08) (CP541). (CL)

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Dominic Mazzoni, Kiri L. Wagstaff, Michael Burl. Active Learning with Irrelevant Examples. Proceedings of the Seventeenth European Conference on Machine Learning, September 2006. Download PDF (CL #06-1838)

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D. Decoste, M.C. Burl, A. Hopkins, N.S. Lewis. Support Vector Machines and Kernel Fisher Discriminants: A Case Study using Electronic Nose Data. Fourth Workshop on Mining Scientific Datasets, held in conjunction with KDD01, Aug 2001. Download PS (CL #01-1676)

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R. Sherwood, S. Chien, M.C. Burl, R. Knight, G. Rabideau, B. Engelhardt, A. Davies, P. Zetocha, R. Wainwright, P. Klupar, P. Cappelaere, D. Surka, B. Williams, R. Greeley, V. Baker, J. Doan. The Techsat-21 Autonomous Sciencecraft Constellation Demonstration. Int. Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation for Space, Jun 2001. Download (PDF) (CL #01-1687) (CL #01-0917)

M.C. Burl, S. Chien, R. Sherwood, T. Stough, A. Davies, P. ZXetocha. Onboard Science Analysis and Replanning for Increased Science Return. AIAA Space 2001 Conf. and Expo., Aug 2001. CL #01-1257 .

M.C. Burl, W.J. Merline, W. Colwell, E.B. Bierhaus, C.R. Chapman. Automated Detection of Craters and Other Geological Features. Int. Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation for Space, Jun 2001. CL #01-1008 .

T.P. Vaid, M.C. Burl, N.S. Lewis. Comparison of the Performance of Different Discriminant Algorithms in Analyte Discrimination Tasks Using an Array of Carbon Black-Polymer Composite Vapor Detectors. in Analytical Chemistry, 73(2), pp. 321-331, 2001. .

M.C. Burl, B.J. Doleman, A. Schaffer and N.S. Lewis. Assessing the Ability to Predict Human Percepts of Odor Quality from the Detector Responses of a Conducting Polymer Composite-Based Electronic Nose. in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, (72)2, pp. 149-159, 2001. .

M.C. Burl, chapter. Mining Large Image Collections. in Data Mining for Scientific and Engineering Applications, R. Grossman, C. Kamath, V. Kumar and R. Namburu (Eds). in the series Massive Computing, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001. .

M.C. Burl. Mining NASA's Large Image Collections. Invited Paper, Joint Statistical Meetings, Session on Mining Large Datasets, Aug 2000. .

M.C. Burl, D. Lucchetti. Autonomous Visual Discovery. in SPIE Aerosense Conference on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, (abstract) .

M.C. Burl, C. Fowlkes, J. Roden. Mining for Image Content. in Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics / Information Systems: Analysis and Synthesis, (Orlando, FL), July 1999. (abstract) .

J. Roden, M.C. Burl, C. Fowlkes. The Diamond Eye Image Mining System. Demo for the Scientific and Statistical Database Management Conference, (Cleveland, OH), June 1999. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl, C. Fowlkes, J. Roden, A. Stechert, S. Mukhtar. Diamond Eye: A Distributed Architecture for Image Data Mining. in SPIE AeroSense Conference on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, (Orlando, FL), April 1999. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl, P. Perona. Using Hierarchical Shape Models to Spot Keywords in Cursive Handwriting Data. in IEEE Comp. Society Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (Santa Barbara, CA), June 1998. (abstract) .

T.K. Leung, M.C. Burl, P. Perona. Probabilistic Affine Invariants for Recognition. in IEEE Comp. Society Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (Santa Barbara, CA), June 1998. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl, M. Weber, P. Perona. A Probabilistic Approach to Object Recognition Using Local Photometry and Global Geometry. in European Conf. on Computer Vision, June 1998. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl. System Finds Objects of Interest in an Image Data Base. in NASA Tech Briefs, April 1998. .

M.C. Burl, L. Asker, P. Smyth, U. Fayyad, P. Perona, J. Aubele, and L. Crumpler. Learning to Recognize Volcanoes on Venus. . Machine Learning, April 1998. .

M.C. Burl. Recognition of Visual Object Classes. Ph.D. Thesis, California Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,June 1997. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl, U.M. Fayyad, P. Perona, P. Smyth. Trainable Cataloging for Digital Image Libraries with Applications to Volcano Detection. CNS Tech Report: CNS-TR-96-01, California Institute of Technology, October 1996. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl, P. Perona. Recognition of Planar Object Classes. In IEEE Comp. Society Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (San Francisco, CA), June 1996. (abstract) .

M.C. Burl,T.K. Leung, P. Perona. Face Localization via Shape Statistics. In Intl. Workshop on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, (Zurich, Switzerland), June 1995. (abstract) .

T.K. Leung, M.C Burl, P. Perona. Finding Faces in Cluttered Scenes Using Labeled Random Graph Matching. In Intl. Conf. on Computer Vision, (Cambridge, MA), June 1995. (abstract) .

S.A. Chien, J.M. Gratch, M.C Burl. On the Efficient Allocation of Resources for Hypothesis Evaluation: A Statistical Approach. In IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 17 (7): pp. 652-665, July 1995. (abstract) .

P. Smyth, U. Fayyad, M. Burl, P. Perona, P. Baldi. Inferring Ground Truth from Subjective Labelling of Venus Images.. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7, MIT Press, 1995. .

M.C. Burl, U. Fayyad, P. Smyth, P. Perona, M.P. Burl. Automating the hunt for volcanoes on Venus.. In IEEE Comp. Society Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (Seattle, WA), June 1994. (abstract) .