Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy Group

Principal Investigator

Kiri Wagstaff

The Mars Target Encyclopedia (MTE) aims to collect in one place information about observational targets (e.g., rocks, soils) identified and named during Mars surface exploration. The MTE links targets to publications that provide information (e.g., composition, provenance, interpretation) about each target. Mission science team members, planetary science researchers, educators, students, and the general public can find relevant information about targets of interest or compare targets found by different missions. The MTE database will be released through the PDS and searchable through the Analyst's Notebook.

Please visit our public GitHub repository for more information.

Below is a visualization of searching the MTE for Mars Science Laboratory ChemCam targets that have been described in the literature as containing "hematite". A map shows the spatial location of the matching targets. Each target can be clicked to display its relevant excerpts from publications.

Mars Target Encyclopedia (MTE)