Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy Group

Science Serving Data Science

MLIA is leading JPL’s efforts to support scientists in Astronomy, Planetary Science, and Earth Science to gain insight and process-level understanding from large and complex data. Our approach on Data Science for Science Understanding (SUDS) is changing how research is performed across JPL and beyond.

Science Instrument Autonomy: An Emerging Technology Ready to Enable New Mission Science

Areas of Expertise

Science Insight from ML

      ▸ Large & complex data discovery
      ▸ Catalog purification & exploration
      ▸ Physical & ML model fusion
      ▸ Identification of key drivers
      ▸ Bias discovery & correction
      ▸ Uncertainty Awareness

Interpretable Modeling

      ▸ Publication-supporting product quality & delivery
      ▸ Explainable, justifiable model selection
      ▸ Interpretable model behavior
      ▸ Rigorous performance statistics
      ▸ Physical model acceleration
      ▸ Global scalability / applicability

Current Projects

  • Mars Target Encyclopedia (MTE)

  • SUDS Council

  • Past Projects

  • Adaptive Data Processing for Next Generation Radio Arrays

  • Harvist

  • Landmarks


  • MISR