Machine Learning Systems


Alphan Altinok
Brian Bue
Michael Burl
Selina Chu
Gary Doran
Tara Estlin
Raymond Francis
Robert Granat
William Huffman
Anantha Ravi Kiran
Lukas Mandrake
Umaa Rebbapragada
Benyang Tang
David Thompson
Kiri Wagstaff




The Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy (MLIA) Group creates software solutions to hard problems requiring data mining, knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, and automated classification and clustering. The underlying emphasis is on building systems based on learning algorithms. We conduct basic research as well as develop applications leading to one-of-a-kind proof of concept systems. Our focus is on the automated analysis of scientific data generated by NASA and JPL instruments, on the development of technologies for adaptive systems, and on enabling technologies for autonomous spacecraft.

data analysis image labeling

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